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Book Review: When Life Turns Turtle by Raj Supe

When Life Turns Turtle: Journey of a Bollywood Tramp by Raj Supe is a book full of valuable tips. It wants us to better enjoy the everyday life as it's really worth it. There is the richness that this book leaves you in. And in any case for the story that really does reflect on the meaning of life.

The story unfolds in the vicissitudes of a famous and admired filmmaker Indraneel. He is an alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His next flick is being hailed as an epic. He is in an enthralling liaison with Avani, a young and gorgeous actress. But soon relations sour after a bitter disagreement. He realizes that he has led a destructive life. He is spurred by stress, the need for new experiences and a creeping feeling of dissatisfaction.

So, he decided to drop everything and leave for Rishikesh. He seeks solace emanating from the river Ganges and the Himalayas. Here he meet Shaman, a bookseller and an unprofessed spiritual guide. He teaches him the secrets and rituals of universal wisdom. But soon the wise, free, happy Indraneel stands at a moment of truth once more. As the world beckons yet again and he is asked to make a easier said than done choice.

Basically, it is an interesting book. The author goes into a life of things not material and could also be there if we lived in a monastery on a mountain. But here things get a bit more complicated. As for the exercises to do, I find them interesting and effective with a fluent reading that is easy to understand. It will give you a new boost to the process of personal evolution, if indeed desired. The book is highly recommended for those who want to improve themselves.

A fantastic book for anyone who wants to make a change in their lives. It is not only rich in thoughts that arouse great inspiration but also has operational tools which, when acted out, make everyday really great.

I must admit that at first I thought it was one of the many books of self-help ranters on self-esteem and so on. But no, the book is actually a wealth of tips that will push the reader to reflect on their choices as they look around and start admiring nature. But above all it teaches us not to be imprisoned from material things and from the race at the time.

The book shows everything has a purpose and that nothing happens by accident. It is certainly one of the most profound and important books I have ever read. I'm sure it would be able to change the lives of many people if only those who read it will know how to let go and lead by the hand towards the teachings of these great sages. Because at the present times our worst enemy is precisely the obsession with relationships and the race at the time.

A beautiful, nice and smooth, full of meanings and teachings that will remain in the heart. The magical content will show you how to improve your lives by changing priorities and thoughts with a symbol of how important it is to love yourself.

The author transmits an winner in my opinion because, although it distils concepts that we find in many motivational books and have borrowed a few from eastern disciplines, he puts them in a very original way. It is like a master teaching his student with parables, metaphors, you know, but here the author often taken a more direct approach.

A simple book but hides a great power that manages to inspire a profound change in our lives. It is delicate and incisive at the same time and provides easily assimilated images from memory. So that at the end of the book there remains a map, useful for not getting lost in the barren emptiness of mechanized and alienating frenzy of everyday life.

The metaphors will take us back to the reality of our daily commitment to recover and cultivate the sacredness of each moment we live. In this sense, this book is especially valuable as after reading we can continue to feed ourselves by giving us the tools to remind us that at every moment of our way the fullness of being depends on us.

It’s a book to be savoured slowly, which can be read as a beautiful fairy tale ending. Or it can feel like the beginning of a journey toward self-control with a simple, yet powerful awakening of our existence which can pet the more discouraged and sad heart to reopen the will to live.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 469 ♥ Published: August 2016 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352016150


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