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Book Review: All-time Adages of Avvaiyaar, the Tamil Poetess by Jyothirllata Girija

All-time Adages of Avvaiyaar, the Tamil Poetess by Jyothirllata Girija is a collection of short poems that deal with universal themes such as love, hate, friendship among others. There is no lack of wisdom. The compositions with simple verses express the feelings experienced by the second Avvaiyaar in particular moments of her life. The poems are short, intense, and exciting in which the reader can find themselves.

The poems still manage to arouse emotions? Reading the book of Jyothirllata Girija has, no doubt, an affirmative answer. The poignant words are simple, and devoid of forced technicalities but are spontaneous and immediate. They deal with issues involving all sensitive souls and the message conveyed is clear and understandable and immediately get to the heart that often rips the soul.

It highlights the worldly wisdom that people should follow in their daily life. The poems are pictures of life, telling experiences intensively and the reader may find himself in them, reviewi…
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Review: Book of Emotions: Unstained by Mongshai Khiamniungan

Book of Emotions: Unstained by Mongshai Khiamniungan is a poetry book written in the silence. The inner descriptions reflect the thoughts, giving them a very special sound. From the twilight of reflection emerge dense colorful images and the typical scent of lands. Here time stands still but that really sums up emotions. So the still sun mixes with introspection and passion of a look on the sea in the warm afternoon.

Words chase and things get thoughts written in this book of Marinella, in a kind of dance that surrounds and enchants the reader. I feel warm feelings leading to a place where in the afternoon it seems that the time really stops and makes you appreciate his best time.

In a loose style, with a punctuation limited to the bare minimum, Mongshai leads us into her thoughts. The flow of words and images caress the ear and stimulate the imagination dropping us into the inner world which reflects the outer. Almost seamlessly.

And we stay with her to listen to the surf on the rock…

Book Review: Rhythm of Thoughts by Gouri Srivastava

Rhythm of Thoughts by Gouri Srivastava rambles us through a lyrical landscape. The author meanders between sensual moments and thoughts, rhythms and sound. At times the words even float that breaks through phantasm through poetic reflections and the gap between language and things illuminates.

In this compact book, there are sixty-one poems through which the author shares her thoughts. The words grow at this time against the minimalist compression. There are words to dynamic lines and stanzas full of rhythms. The rhythm of thoughts also means an approach to larger formations of reality.

The poems move over the experience of life and culture working its way forward and locks in the direction of imaginary times. The wonderful thing about the words here is that they are not just, as often happens in everyday life. The language shimmers much more and every word has very different shades of meaning in a courtyard of sound and rhythmic nuances.

Each word is linked with own associations, …

Book Review: Rain Coffee Cities by Roger Samuel Motupalli

Rain Coffee Cities by Roger Samuel Motupalli brings many pleasing confessions from the poet. This contemporary poetry book provides some spiritual food that is inspired from everyday life. In this poetry book, it goes into nature with all its artful variations. The author picks up themes like picks up themes ranging from food, places to seasons.

From Biryani, Beer, Burger, Cupcake, Curry, Cricket to Udaipur, the author knows how to extract surprising facets from the familiar with form-conscious verses. The poetic sight zooms in and fades associatively until the view widens and you know, for a moment to get to the essence of things. It is always a miracle how this poet manages to create images that conjure up moods in a half-verse.

Anyone who is interested in language, playing with sounds and meanings, will be delighted with this virtuoso poetry book. The book is a lyrical celebration of everyday objects and the magic inscribed in it. There is linguistic versatility and sophistication.…

Book Review: When Life Turns Turtle by Raj Supe

When Life Turns Turtle: Journey of a Bollywood Tramp by Raj Supe is a book full of valuable tips. It wants us to better enjoy the everyday life as it's really worth it. There is the richness that this book leaves you in. And in any case for the story that really does reflect on the meaning of life.

The story unfolds in the vicissitudes of a famous and admired filmmaker Indraneel. He is an alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His next flick is being hailed as an epic. He is in an enthralling liaison with Avani, a young and gorgeous actress. But soon relations sour after a bitter disagreement. He realizes that he has led a destructive life. He is spurred by stress, the need for new experiences and a creeping feeling of dissatisfaction.

So, he decided to drop everything and leave for Rishikesh. He seeks solace emanating from the river Ganges and the Himalayas. Here he meet Shaman, a bookseller and an unprofessed spiritual guide. He teaches him the secrets and rituals of…

Book Review: Fade to White - Shreya Dhanwanthary

Fade to White by Shreya Dhanwanthary is a story that gives hope even to those who no longer believe in the feelings or, even less, for a second chance. It is one of those books that, when it ends, you cannot immediately replace it with another. It will make you change your mind and making you understand that, often, we say the word "fine" when, out there, the world is waiting.

This is a story of three individuals who are trying to find out who shape of the past, present and the future. Whose existence, as they recognize it, shatters subsequent to a distressing episode. They endeavor to come across a fresh start with an opening away from their obscurity.

The truth appears to the eyes but has to be discovered with the heart. It is right there when none of us thought it was, in the surrounding world with all its simple element. In fact, if we pause a moment to reflect on this distracted and chaotic life, we understand that everything was done and lived has not brought us here a…

Book Review: Murder Most Right by Anup Rijhwani

Murder Most Right by Anup Rijhwani combines the power of the narrative with a disturbing portrait of a killer. It creates suspense, stimulates curiosity and keep vigilant attention of the reader. It intrigues page after page as the reader is encouraged to rebuild the puzzle.

The book begins with the voice of Akash Sharma, a restless tot, a perplexed youngster. He is an ethically supple young person and a besieged grown person. He finds himself knotted up in his most evil qualms within the precincts of the atrocious prison. It retraces to Shiva, the prison sweeper, oblivious of his true identity. There is a deep-rooted trail stretching from his nativity to the day he murders a individual.

In a few pages, Akash tells his gilded life. The tone of the narrative changes greatly when he takes us on a roller coaster ride. He finds himself trapped in the mesh of call centre culture. He roams the slums of Mumbai trying to ease others’ despair and at last, turns into a hot-blooded murderer. Iso…